Oracle Open World 2010 Wrap-up

It’s been a little over a week since OOW, and finally getting back into the swing of things. I should say up front that while I spoke at Oracle Open World, this was not a general session like VMworld, but instead I spoke from the VMware booth at Oracle Open World. Not only was it […]

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Automated Refresh of Oracle Data with EMC at VMworld

Do you want to learn how VMware manages Oracle Data and Oracle Identity Management middleware with EMC and VMware technologies? Are you curious how VMware rapidly builds new Oracle OID and Access Manager environments with it’s own products? I will be in San Francisco at VMworld next week presenting “Automated Refresh of Oracle Data” during […]

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Quick Photo Tips for New Canon 50D Owners


Have gotten a few inquiries about Canon SLRs and 50d in particular, from those considering or who have recently purchased one. So I decided to share a few of my thoughts on this amazing machine with everyone. 1.) Practice your photog skills to perfection with the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM prime which all the […]

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Virtualization, Clouds and The Future of IAM

The Big Switch

As an old hand at Oracle IdM (going on 10 years now) it is a bit hard for me to digest, but my instinct tells me that survival means adapting to the seas of change rather than trying to run from them. There is a bright future and a lot of pent up demand in cloud services, where new models will soon overshadow the shortcomings of client/server and internet architectures. The old school IAM stacks are not going away anytime soon, but the IdM professional will need to learn new models and standards to keep pace with where this industry might be heading.

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My thoughts on Peter Gabriel’s new album Scratch My Back


This update was too long for Facebook and Twitter and I’m too much of a Peter Gabriel fan to limit my comments to 420 characters, so for you regular readers I hope you don’t mind this little bit of personal wandering, I will get back to IdM soon enough… I enjoyed listening to Peter Gabriel’s […]

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Self Motivation or What gets me out of bed in the morning?


Unless you have a monster for a boss who likes to micromanage every minute of your day, then the disciplines and behaviors required for achieving your career goals are largely going to be your own responsibility and doing (as they should be.) So instead of waiting for opportunity and success to come to you, I think it’s best to take initiative and begin taking actions every day that will help improve your reputation, your career and ultimately your level of income.

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VMware shows its prowess Cloning Oracle IdM

I grew up in a painting family and was raised by a father who was a skilled crafstman, an expert with a lifelong career in painting.  The thing you would expect, that our house would always have a fresh coat each season, or a fresh paint at all, is far from reality.  It’s like the […]

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Password insanity!

so many password restrictions!!!

Authentication and password policies are the bane of my existence.  I really feel sorry for millions of consumers who have no idea whats going on (exactly) with the crazy and absurd requirements that companies put in place for logging in to view account balances or make payments.  As I have a few ideas about whats […]

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My IdM Christmas Wish List

Oracle IdM by Marlin Pohlman

While I actually have enjoyed these items on my wish list for awhile, they are very practical and fresh full of usefullness and insights year after year. I use and would recommend any of the following wish list items to my colleague or friends who make his or her livelihood through professional Identity & Access […]

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High Performance Websites for Photographers

Over the past 1 1/2 years I have had the great pleasure of writing a column on website management for Rangefinder Magazine, a popular periodical worldwide for the professional photographer.  Lately I have not been able to contribute at the same pace which I started writing my column, but nonetheless the new articles will come.  […]

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