Do you want to learn how VMware manages Oracle Data and Oracle Identity Management middleware with EMC and VMware technologies? Are you curious how VMware rapidly builds new Oracle OID and Access Manager environments with it’s own products?

I will be in San Francisco at VMworld next week presenting “Automated Refresh of Oracle Data” during the Oracle Storage Guys session at VMworld. Look for Session ID: EA7061 on the topic of Creating an Internal Oracle Database Cloud Using vSphere in your handbook. I will be sharing how we shaved days off our Environment Refresh processes and significantly reduced error rates using EMC’s SRDF/TimeFinder and custom scripts managed via PPM workflows to achieve greater levels of efficiency and accuracy.

It will be presented twice, so you can catch this session on Monday or Thursday at the following times.

Monday: Moscone South Room 308 @ 12:00-1:00 PM
Tursday: Moscone West Room 2007 @ 10:30-11:30 AM

Also, if you are headed to Oracle Open World in September, look for me at the VMware booth. I will be there to talk about how VMware, in addition to the EMC/SRDF solution described at VMworld for bootstrapping Oracle DB instances, uses vSphere to clone and build out new Oracle Identity Management environment. I blogged about how awesome this is awhile back, but this will give you a chance to hear a 6-month progress update and ask any questions. Stay tuned for more details on which days and times.

See you there!

But today I’m going to jump into the fray, but this is probably the only time I will do so before we have a new president in office.

I was astounded by the repeated attacks by Obama & Co. on McCain for saying that “the fundmentals of the economy are sound.”  What a laughable semantic argument this was!  It was repeated so often by the liberal media as to become meaningless, and the point might as well not have been made at all.  It made the liberal news anchors look more foolish than McCain for saying it, that believing repeating it a few hundred times would make it any more meaningful.  Nobody stays clean when you start flinging mud.  Let’s clear the room and go for a swim to cool off, and start over tomorrow morning after you have a hot meal and a restoring nights rest.

In America supposedly the majority of us are Chrstians of some kind or another.  I suppose we could debate that until the cows come home too, but I hope the common theme is faith.  So now I suppose we throw our faith out the window when it comes to American politics, but our faith is strengthened when we read about the men who God chose to run countries in ancient history within the pages of the Bible.  So why is now any different than at any point in history?  I’m not saying I love Palin/McCain – there are unfortunate choices all across the board IMO, it definitely concerns me.  But as i think about this, I feel that my responsiblity as a Christian is to live by faith and make a decision based on that faith, not what pop culture says I should do based on non-Biblical criteria for political leaders.  As the Good Book says, “I being in the way , the Lord led me”. (Genesis 24:27) 

Does that mean I don’t study the leaders and turn my nose at politics?  Aboslutely not.  I hear their arguments (unfortunately) every single day and read the news headlines just like you.  But I refuse to debate with those close minded liberals who trample any notion of conservative values under foot.  The bottom line, which usually causes a lot of eyes to roll and grief in any debates I enter is that ultimately God is in control.  So put a monkey in the White House.  Go ahead, let’s vote Obama in there.  As for me, I am more interested in seeing what God is going to do with our country than what the Obamas or the McCains are going to do with it.  Those guys think they have everything under control.  haha!  Without faith, the joke is going to be on them at the end of the day.  So, it’s easy for me to avoid all the political debating going on and just vote from my heart, not my pocket book or my career or anything else that isn’t going to matter in the end, anyways.

I had some really cool stuff to share about Palin, but I have to run off to my gate to jump on a plane.  So I’m just going to share this link with you.

I’m won’t reply or debate anybody’s comments on this post, so post at your own risk. I have more important things to do and people to love, like my little Miss Molly Jane.

Regardless where you stand on the issues, I love you anyways my fellow humans.  Word to the sweet lady, Judy, who has helped me return my Hertz rentals at the SFO for the last 18 months.  Her boss scolded her today for putting her name on a checkout cart during her break, and stealing it away from one of her co-workers after they took it away from her.  I don’t like how the young and brilliant managers at Hertz think they can harass their “subordinates” who are decades older than they are.  Treat every individual with respect and dignity you wish to be treated with.  Judy accepted (a paltry) 14 weeks of “early retirement” pay after 16 years of service with Hertz, and she thinks that she’s getting a wonderful deal.  I gave her two hugs before I walked away, and she gave me this parting advice.  The quickest route from your rental car to the Air Tram is to “Follow the yellow brick road.”  Evidently that’s universally good avice, whether you are at a Hertz rental garage or in the Emerald City.



I’ve been working from home for six weeks until today, and it’s been awesome to be able to spend so much time watching Molly grow and develop into the little person that she is.  So it’s with mixed emotions as I get back on the plane today and head back to “work” in the Bay Area.  This 86m flight above the clouds reveals such rich moments of reflection and clarity about life.  I know they tell you how its so safe to fly but you can’t say that the thoughts of “what if…” never cross your mind once in awhile.  I use the time to count the many blessing in my life and ponder my contributions.  It’s unfortunate that we so easily forget about the profound in the little every-day things, and often don’t make the realizations until we fly in a jet, or whatever other larger than life experiences you may participate in.


Last night I turned on the TV, expecting to watch all the latest news about the Feds stepping into the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac situation.  As I flipped through channels I was surprised to find more coverage on Tony Snow, the third White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush, than the pains being felt in the mortgage industry.  He’s a young man, older than me but younger than my parents anyways, and it was sad to me because he seems like such a great guy.  The thing that I will remember about him most is the retelling of a conversation he had with Ari Fleischer prior to his passing.  That in spite of the fact that nations operated under Tony’s watch at times throughout his career, holding prestigious positions in the White House, CNN, The O’Reily Factor, and according to some one of our nation’s “finest writers” that he recounted the best and most important times of his life were those which he spent with his children.  Those values, to me, go much deeper than partisan politics, and I hope goes appreciated by all whether democrat, republican, or independent.

On the surface, daily headlines about our economy and world relations give enough cause to be down in the dumps about life and our nation.  But don’t forget to take time out to count your blessings closer to home.  Unplug yourself from WiFi and the Blackberry for awhile, and take time to think about life and your priorities as often as you can.  It’s refreshing, and you will be glad you did it.